Just one thing before we start this, we are not talking about the cartoon character "The shmoo" we are talking about my version of Shmoo. I created shmoo without realising it was already a thing. But I am not copying their name. I just thought it was a good name, then looked it up and realised it was a thing. Please don't think I copy. I give credit to the creators of "The shmoo" it is a very cute and lovable character.

Welcome to the home of shmooEdit

I personally think that the home of the shmoo is the best place to be. No spam, no swearing, no sadness. As a person who is part of the comunity, please feel free to right your opinions on the special page for all awesome fan stuff to go. Feel free to join the religon, and practice the writings. I specially welcome Abigail and Oliwia to the Wikia, as you have helped me develope my love for shmoo, and the fact that you let me express my weirdness. They are some of the best friends I have had.Edit

Anyway, enough of the soppy stuff. Now I want you to get to know the shmoos around here, so here is the first shmoo you should meet:

Water Shmoo

Water Shmoo


Stephan is a blue shmoo who loves to help out and make friends. He hates it when things go wrong, or if the wrong is his own doing, one thing he hates is spam... Spam makes him sad, swearing makes him sad and all around rudeness makes him extremly sad. He is a shy shmoo but will put in his imput of his strong opinions. He thinks, as same do I, that everyone one deserves their say. So feel free to add your opinion on the fan page.

Fire Shmoo

Fire Shmoo


Sarah is a pink shmoo who loves to help out but isn't really a social type. She hates it when things are not perfect because she has OCD, spam and hate messes with that...Spam makes her angry, swearing makes are sad and all around rudeness makes her hate the world. She is a bright bubbly shmoo who loves being right all the time. She thinks that everyone's opinion on the wikia is important to be posted to the fan page.

Earth Shmoo

Earth shmoo


George is a green shmoo who is lazy and doesn't post anything and when he is in social situation is kind of rude. He doesn't mind spam, he finds it funny! He posts spam... Spam makes him laugh, swearing makes him swear back and all around rudeness makes him join in. He is a stupid rude shmoo who should not be on the website because his opinion is not worthy...He doesn't have an opinion...He has spam.

Air Shmoo

Air Shmoo


Karen is a yellow shmoo who loves to help out and likes to talk to people and make friends. She doesn't like spam but doesn't report it or edit it out. She doesn't want to be a snake. Spam makes her anoyed and sometimes chuckle, swearing is something she edits out and all around rudeness is something she hates because it is always what is said to her! She is shy shmoo who wants to be a good shmoo but ends up being an innocent bystander, which we don't mind, but we prefer if you edit out spam.

Thank you so much for finds this, hope you enjoy learning about the shmoo!

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