Fire Shmoo

Fire Shmoo

Shmoodles--Plural for shmoo---are the most common animal in the fictional land of shmoo. They are a memeber of the family of the Sheetals (Alien in shmoo laguage.) Shmoodles are most commonly out in the wild living in small shmoo villages or partners in crime with people with mind reading abilitys or future predicting skills. There is no point in farming a shmoo because shmoodles cannot die as they are ghosts of cuteness. 


Shmoodles eat the love are caring of others. This means it is impossible to show love and care to someone with a hungry shmoo nearby. Love and care is eaten by sucking the essence from the air. It is hard to explain the phnomeanon because it is so rare. Mostly they just eat grass and apples as it is a quicker and easier source of food. 


Shmoo Land

Shmoo land

Shmoodles live in the fictional land of shmoo where the sky is always aqua blue and the clouds always white and fluffy, the grass is greener than green and the mud orange. It is so beautiful and cute!

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